A. Travis Anniversary Headers 1024x384 - Portfolio Sales & Marketing Manager Andrew Travis Celebrates Five Years of Helping Communities, Teams and Residents Thrive

At Cardinal, our culture embodies many different elements: it’s about improving as a team while having fun growing together both personally and professionally. Our team members are the heart and soul of our culture! We are so grateful for the efforts our team members put in daily to go the extra mile to help change the industry and challenge the status quo.

Today we’re celebrating Andrew Travis and his dedicated years of service to the growth of our team over the last five years.

Learn more about Andrew’s journey below!


What’s your role?

Portfolio Sales & Marketing Manager


Tell us about your Cardinal Journey

Started summer of 2018 onsite and then became dedicated working with the HSRE portfolio on our operating team.


What’s the most significant lesson you’ve learned in your time here?

Embrace change – markets and communities change constantly and being able to change with them is key.


What do you find most exciting about your job? Most challenging?

Most exciting – working with all the bright team members and seeing them thrive!


If you could choose one word to describe your time at Cardinal, what would it be and why?

Growth – not only have I grown and learned so much about this industry, we as a team have also successfully grown with HSRE.


What advice would you give yourself five years ago?

Moving to Indiana will be more than worth it! Embrace leaving Michigan as good things are on the horizon.


Who has been influential in your professional and personal life and how have they helped guide you?

My mother – she has always pushed me to be better and see things in me that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


What is your biggest motivator?

Seeing the communities, teams, and residents thrive and continue to outperform year after year after year.


What’s something people may not know about you?

I enjoy mountain biking and do it year-round from Summer to Winter.


What is your favorite college town in America?

Love Flagstaff, AZ – NAU – the market, town, and people are all filled with not only great vibes, but great adventure!


Are you ready to start your Cardinal Journey?

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