Letter from Eddie

Our continued recognition in the industry and growth as an organization are clear indicators that we are moving in the right direction. It is our responsibility as leaders to actively pursue growth as professionals. We must also be consistent and deliberate in the engagement of our team members to pursue the same growth. Leadership development is not accidental and doesn't happen without intention and consistency. Investing in the development of our team and culture will continue to pay dividends for individuals and the company as a whole. I am hopeful that every Cardinal team member sees those sentiments in action, as the senior leadership of our company is committed to fostering an environment where we can dedicate the time and energy necessary to achieve these development goals.

Today’s Team Is Tomorrow’s Leaders

Leadership Summit
We are intentional about growing and promoting our team. As our company has expanded, we have been able to promote from within by investing in our team upfront and building leaders along the way. Our Annual Leadership Summit and Annual Summer Development Program are two successful conferences hosted by Cardinal Group to identify and grow future leaders in the company.

Summer Development Program

Development Program
Cardinal Group is committed to providing young leaders from across the nation an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain exposure to the various elements that make our business run. At our Annual Summer Development Program (SDP), we take an all-encompassing look into HQ's operations. We intend for participants to leave with a new perspective on our company, our industry, and the long-term opportunities available to grow with Cardinal.

Our program has had a notably positive impact on participating alumni with multiple promotions, relocations, and Team Member of the Year nominations. We are excited to continue this tradition and give more team members the opportunity to grow and build confidence.

What will your Cardinal story be?

CWoL Training

CWoL, The Cardinal Way of Leasing, is the industry’s most innovative and advanced lease training platform. This best-in-industry program is rooted in the psychology of sales and the data that statistically produced the most favorable leasing results. We wanted to balance simplicity and depth to give our team members easy to remember sales steps with vast knowledge to handle anything that comes at them. This training includes an online course, an onsite and digital training manual, virtual role playing, in person training and an accountability system to up everyone’s leasing potential.

Vision Logo
Vision, an annual Leadership Development Conference, has been a dedicated platform for leaders of Cardinal Group to share ideas, partake in a series of discussions, presentations, and panels. Leadership development is not accidental and doesn’t happen without intention and consistency. It is our responsibility as leaders to actively pursue growth as professionals and individuals, and we must consistently and deliberately engage our team members to pursue the same growth.

leadership vision - Leadership

Vision 2018
A recent Gallup study found that 45% of women expressed interest in becoming a CEO or holding another position in senior management or leadership. Of that group, almost 70% admit to being very determined to achieve their goal. Cardinal supports having women in leadership roles and was inspired to create WomenSpeak to help make this happen. This conference focused on advancing and empowering women in the workplace to share their input and opinions on topics that mattered to them.

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