A Culture Forged Under Fire

The true strength of Cardinal’s Culture is that it was there in the beginning and has strengthened over the years. Our Culture has been tested time and time again in difficult situations that required tough decisions, rapid growth, and constant change. It has survived business pressures, leadership turnover, and competition for attention and priority among other initiatives.

Today, 10 years later, the Cardinal Culture has been forged under fire. It is resilient, it is strong, and it is ready for the next 10 years of challenge. Our Culture has slayed dragons, conquered beasts, and today is the driving force that brings us all together as a Team. It serves as the bedrock we stand upon for support. It survives. It wins. And it is ready for more!

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The Top 10 Reasons We Love The Cardinal Culture

Do the right thing,
all the time.
“Cardinal is a company that truly practices what it preaches.”
Dylan Bellamy Property Accounting Manager
Build an open and honest
relationship with communication.
"Communicating honestly leads to strong relationships built on trust. This trust makes everything else we do possible."
Kellie Dalrymple Training Operations Manager
Be adventurous, creative and open minded.
“Cardinal has always been about new ideas, looking for better ways to do things, and taking risks.”
Ryan Sundling Group Marketing Manager
Be a team player and respect those you work with.
"Cardinal believes "team" is defined by individuals collaborating together to achieve a common goal while respecting, trusting, and caring for one another."
Sly Brandon Operations Director
Embrace change
and new ideas.
“My favorite thing about Cardinal is the collaborative environment that allows for constant idea sharing and debate.”
Christina Tarumoto VP, Client Services
Bring your best each
day and create fun.
“This company lives out its culture daily and promotes hard work while still creating memorable moments to celebrate its team members.”
Lauren Byrd Sr. Benefits and Leave Specialist

Pursue growth
and knowledge.
“We don't strive to be like everyone else - instead, we focus on being the best operators in the industry.”
Lindsey Bedingfield Portfolio Manager
Do more
with less.
"I am so proud to work for a company that is constantly growing, creating, and innovating new ideas and procedures to keep up with the ever changing times."
Courtney Diveley Talent Advisor
Be passionate
and determined.
“The people are stand-up individuals and it's easy to want to work hard when you know who you're working for.”
Johanna Adolfs New Development Portfolio Manager
Be humble.
“I've never been at a place of work where the comradery is so real. I feel supported and have made true friendships here.”
Briana Peterson Systems Specialist, Level II