Cardinal Group Real Estate Services (“CGRES”) was formed to provide value-add focused physical building services over the full life cycle of multifamily real estate. From new ground up construction management to facilities service needs, Cardinal Group Real Estate Services combines a full scope of apartment, multifamily, and student-housing agencies, teams, and resources into one vertically-integrated company.

We utilize a unique approach backed by excellent customer service, quality execution, and skilled planning, so our clients realize the value of quality buildings and effective facility maintenance strategies. With services spanning from major and minor renovations to ongoing inspections, preventive maintenance, and support services during turn and make-ready schedules, our integrated services team delivers excellent value, and quality primarily focused on the owner’s investment strategy and facility integrity.


CGRES is our construction, capital and facilities management, and turn company combined into a vertically integrated one-stop-shop for all real estate and multi-family related services. We aim to deliver unprecedented quality, organization, visibility, and consistency within each service vertical.

Services Overview

services overview3 01 - Real Estate Services


• Development construction management
• Major renovation construction management
• Investment CapEx and unit renovations project management
• Capital needs and infrastructure project management
• Energy focused CapEx project management (Analysis through execution)
• Cost data and CapEx budget planning

services overview4 01 - Real Estate Services


• Physical condition inspections and capital planning
• OpEx maintenance cost reviews
• Preventive maintenance consulting
• Execution of preventive maintenance periodically
• Small capital projects and curb appeal
• Installation of lighting and water conservation retrofits
• Preventive maintenance support (Surge) services
• Turn (make ready) oversight and support services

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