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Did you know? Cardinal Group Consulting tracks data on more than 85 student & conventional multifamily markets across 35 states

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Determined to provide support wherever you need it, the goal of Cardinal Group Consulting is to provide data-driven research, unbiased opinions, and actionable recommendations. Our operational experience and industry expertise make us the best choice for successful processes and efficient value creation across all product types: student housing, conventional apartments, affordable housing, co-living, and single family rentals. We know how it’s done, we’ve seen these processes succeed, and we understand how our recommendations will work in action.

We provide services to support the acquisition process and confirm or refute assumptions. Our due diligence services provide capacity and support through the buying process, and our operational services identify strengths and weaknesses. It’s all crafted for each unique product, market, and audience in order to implement solutions that improve overall performance.

We Get It
operational experience 1 - Consulting
Operational Experience

We are able to provide real-life insights into markets and operations across the US. We make recommendations based on actual operational experiences.

client focused 1 - Consulting
Client Focused

While we offer a full suite of services, we are always willing to create custom deliverables and products to meet our client’s needs.

solution oriented 1 - Consulting
Solution Oriented

We work hand in hand with operations teams to provide our clients with actionable plans for their communities.

strategy creativity 1 - Consulting
Strategy & Creativity

We have the ability to think critically about different situations and create custom solutions for each unique community.

data based 1 - Consulting
Data-Based Approach

We leverage our proprietary business intelligence platforms in association with the vast and varied experience of each affiliate Cardinal Group Company to provide our partners with expert data and insights.

Services Overview

market data 1 - Consulting


• Market Survey
• Market Study

operations services 1 - Consulting


• Staffing Plan
• Lease Up Budget
• Stablized Budget
• Operational Assessment
• Capital Planning

due diligence 1 - Consulting


• Lease File Audit
• Physical Due Diligence
• Physical Due Diligence - FF&E
• Service Contract Review
• Personal Property Inventory
• Maintenance Inventory

pre development 1 - Consulting


• Design Review
• Rate Setting
• Asset and Market Assesment

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