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Neo-soul and R&B artist UMI to lead guided meditation and breathwork during headliner performance

January 12, 2023, AUSTIN – Hi, How Are You Project (HHAYP), announced today that neo-soul and R&B artist UMI will lead a guided meditation and breathwork session during their headlining performance at Hi How Are You Day 2023 on January 22. Tickets are available now via Emo’s Austin with all proceeds benefiting the Hi, How Are You Project.
According to the upcoming Thriving College Students Index created by HHAYP and the College Student Mental Wellness Advocacy Coalition as a result of surveying nearly 20,000 college students, 81% support their mental health through music followed by socialization (64%). By combining music, togetherness, and now meditation, the Hi How Are You Day 2023 event aims to create an open space to remove the stigma around mental health and bring awareness to the impact it has on college-aged young adults and beyond.

Born in Seattle, Washington, and now based in Los Angeles, Tierra Umi Wilson (UMI) is a neo-soul and R&B singer and songwriter, well known for her 2018 song “Remember Me”, which has over 130 million streams on Spotify. In line with the mission of HHAYP, UMI hopes to create an intentional space through her music and work, incorporating elements like guided meditations to bring healing.

“Music to me is frequency with the capacity to change a life, the same way everything we consume ultimately impacts our state of being, I feel music is no different,” UMI says. “Knowing
this, I create with a sense of responsibility and honor and the fact that the music I make can help to set the mood of a space or change the feeling of someone’s day is so beautiful to realize.”

She goes on “I create music that has the ability to heal, and oftentimes you don’t even realize it until it does. It’s rooted in my intention – with every sound, lyric, and melody is from my soul.
When I record my music I channel my love. When I put on a show I set an intention to heal and expand all those who listen. I like to open my shows with meditation and incorporate rhythmic
breathwork throughout my set, because why not? Why not transform an opportunity to perform into an opportunity to heal and share tools for better living.”

Hi, How Are You Day 2023 will open with 18-year-old Mexican-American singer, DannyLux. The 2022 Billboard Latin Music Award nominee Daniel Balderrama, known as DannyLux, is a California native that is reinventing traditional corridos and sierreño through a Chicano rocker lens. Most recently, DannyLux opened for Coldplay during their recent tour of Mexico and his performance at Hi, How Are You Day will be performed in Spanish.

The Thriving College Student Index also found that for the typical college student, the top four emotions felt all of the time or often were stressed out (70%), anxious/worried (63%), overwhelmed (61%), and having trouble concentrating (52%). HHAYP envisions a world where all young adults thrive and is committed to better understanding students, encouraging open dialogue, and raising public awareness about the importance of mental wellness.

For more information on the HHAY Project and HHAY Day 2023, please visit and follow along at @hihowareyouproject. Tickets are available for purchase via Emo’s Austin at and a livestream will be at

About Hi, How Are You Project

The Hi, How Are You Project (HHAYP) is an Austin, TX based 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to remove the stigma around mental health, one conversation at a time. We aim to educate people worldwide about the importance of mental health and well-being while promoting a culture of inclusion. Their name and City of Austin and State of Texas proclaimed Hi, How Are You Day were inspired by Austin’s love for the iconic mural painted by the late, great songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston. On January 22nd (Johnston’s birthday), people everywhere are encouraged to check in on a neighbor, friend, co-worker, family member, or loved one and ask, “Hi, How Are You?” The Project, founded with the support of the Johnston family in 2018, creates thoughtful media, events and resources that encourage open and ongoing dialogue on mental well-being. Johnston was a world-renowned musician and visual artist despite his own struggles with mental illness. Find out more at

About the College Student Mental Wellness Advocacy Coalition

Founded in 2022, the Coalition envisions a world where all young adults thrive thanks to the support of their residential communities that are dedicated to promoting and advocating for mental wellness to facilitate personal fulfillment and academic success. Composed of 24 college student residential housing companies across the United States, the Coalition is committed to better understanding residents, encouraging open dialogues and raising public awareness about the importance of mental wellness and its impact on students as they work to realize their full potential along their college journey and beyond.

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