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DENVER, CO – May 13, 2024 – Cardinal Group is thrilled to announce being awarded a 2024 Communicator Award for Employee and Internal Communications, Employee Engagement Program Excellence for REDtalks. The Communicator Awards, renowned for recognizing excellence, innovation, and effectiveness across all areas of communication, have honored Cardinal for our outstanding REDtalks development program.

REDtalks, launched in 2021, has significantly shaped our organization’s culture. It provides a platform for every team member to share valuable insights, fostering a culture of collaborative learning and knowledge sharing within our organization. In 2023, the theme of REDtalks was Workplace for the Future. Cardinal team members shared personal experiences on impactful topics such as remote relationships and leadership, developing allyship, invisible disabilities, overcoming stereotypes as a working parent, driving performance, and authentic leadership.

The REDtalks program success was measured across Cardinal social media platforms and for the first time in program history, was available for anyone inside and outside the Cardinal organization. The aim was to expand our reach to those within and without the Cardinal team, to share insights from the inside and allow for speakers to share their voice to a broader audience. From August to December, a series of communications were successfully delivered from a strategic communication plan. The REDtalks program gathered immense responses on social media platforms, including over 40,600 total accounts reached through LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, with 1,890 comments and over 200 shares on social media outlets.

“We’re proud to see our Cardinal REDtalks initiative celebrated and recognized by the Communicator Awards. At Cardinal, our people are most important to us. REDtalks recognizes the value of individuals learning from their peers with similar roles, ensuring a more relatable and impactful educational experience,” comments Jo Reyes, Manager, Learning and Development, Cardinal Group.

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