woi header Page 1 1024x384 - Globe St. Women of Influence Conference - The Power of Networking and Learning with Women Leaders in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

By: Ainsley Robinson, Senior Associate Corporate Communications

Since 2019, Globe St. has hosted the Women of Influence Conference. A conference dedicated to celebrating the women who drive the commercial real estate industry forward. The event brings together owners, investors, developers, lenders, brokers, and service providers in the same space, to network and learn from some of the leading female executives in the industry. Globe St. kicked off the conference with this interesting fact – in 2019, there were a total of 161 women present. This year in 2022, there were 161 unique companies present at the event, with over 300 women representing their companies.

The event was unlike any other conference I’ve attended in the past in any industry. While there were a few male attendees, seeing a space filled with women was refreshing. While interacting with co-eds in a professional networking setting is a necessary part of real estate transactions, having a conference dedicated to championing women in our industry is imperative to improving the workplace for all women. In addition, there was an immediate sense of connection and empowerment through the numerous networking opportunities as conversations sparked new friendships and relationships.

One of the panels stated that men comprise 72% of the workforce in the commercial real estate industry. Leaving the other 28% to women who are often met with a lack of respect for their industry knowledge and advancement in the workplace.

Like many conferences, the days were programmed with panels and conference sessions, touching on the state of the industry and other topics related to commercial real estate. However, this conference also addressed the critical role women play in the industry today, as well as industry updates and focused discussions.

A few key takeaways for all industry professionals:

  • Don’t be stagnant – watch trends and consistently provide the best service to clients
  • Be adaptable and flexible – it’s ok to be wrong
  • Build your foundation and skill set, so no one bets against you
  • Have courageous conversations and show up for people, talk to them. Don’t only do things behind the scenes
  • Be resilient and authentic, and stay consistent in your interactions and who you are
  • Think higher – think beyond just your next step
  • Get aggressive in multifamily housing – everyone needs a place to live
  • The presence of women raises standards – invite them to the table

Carly Tripp, Global Chief Investment Officer and Head of Nuveen Real Estate Investments shared her experience in the industry with a correlation to one of her morning hikes during the conference. She posed the question – “What is your ideal outcome, and how do you want to show up?”

During her time in Park City, Carly went for a sunrise hike. When she started, it was dark, and the path was bumpy and had some roadblocks, but she persevered to make it to the summit for sunrise.

Many women in the commercial real estate industry may have a similar experience. The journey may be bumpy, but if you keep your eyes on the intentions you set, you can weather the storm and reach your goal.

If you are interested in attending this event next year, I would encourage any women or industry professional with women on their team to set a goal to attend. The connections and conversations are invaluable to any professional journey in the commercial real estate industry. Set your intention and go for your goals.


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