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DENVER, CO – March 2, 2022 – Cardinal Group Companies (Cardinal) was awarded gold during the 2021 Anthem Awards for Most Impactful Corporate Initiative in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion category. Cardinal took home Gold for the Cardinal Safe Space Sticker initiative.

Currently, Fair Housing Law does not protect against LGBTQ+ discrimination in every state. However, Cardinal wanted to find a way to show allyship in our communities. Cardinal’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council partnered with our LGBTQ+ business resource group, Cardinal Connects Spectrum, to create a national plan.

Part of the Cardinal mission statement is to build engaging communities where residents thrive. The goal of showing allyship in our communities resulted in the creation of the Safe Space campaign. The sticker was a simple symbol to show LGBTQ+ students that we see them, and they are welcome in our communities. The Safe Space Sticker campaign was released on all of our social channels, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and received thousands of impressions.

“At the most basic level, our job is to provide homes for people. We’re tapping into the most basic necessities of the human experience, but LGBTQ+ minorities can still feel an additional barrier to entry. Our goal was to give a queer person the peace of mind when walking into a leasing office to bring their and/or their partner’s full self into their home search”, said Cole Pandes, Senior Marketing Specialist, Agency FIFTY3.

The Anthem Awards were created to celebrate purpose and mission-driven work from people, companies, and organizations worldwide. In its inaugural year, over 2,500 submissions from 26 countries were received. Cardinal is proud to be the recipient of Gold in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion category in the inaugural year among other companies who are striving to spark global change.

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Cardinal Group Companies (“CGC”) is a fully integrated real estate management, investment, construction, consulting, and marketing firm focused on multifamily and student housing throughout the country. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, CGC affiliate companies are all firmly built atop the company’s “Cardinal Culture.” Since 2007, CGC has been operating successful partnerships, focused on creating efficiency and above market performance via their commitment to challenging the status quo of the industry. To date, Cardinal Group Companies has developed several best-in-class initiatives, which have earned the company national recognition year after year. Cardinal Group Companies’ management platform oversees over 40,000 units nationwide including 11,000 conventional and affordable housing units and over 90,000 student housing beds across the U.S., including Cardinal Group, Companies’ owned portfolio and third-party managed properties.

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