Ragan Award Header 1024x384 - Ragan Employee Communication Award - Heroes Campaign

This year, we were awarded a Ragan Employee Communication Award for Virtual Employee Recognition for our Cardinal Heroes Campaign.

Like many organizations, keeping our culture intact and strong during the COVID-19 pandemic would pose some challenges. Our goal was clear, if we wanted to keep our culture intact, teammates would need to lead the conversation. We created a method for our team members to celebrate each other in a meaningful, public and impactful way. Any Cardinal team member could celebrate another teammate as a hero of the pandemic for their incredible contributions to keeping our communities and residents safe.

The Cardinal Heroes campaign received more than 100 nominations in the first hour and provided a space for our team members to lift one another up during a time of uncertainty.

Recently, Ragan, an industry leader in PR, released the 2021 Top Case Studies in Employee Communications & Culture. To learn more about the Cardinal Heroes campaign case study, see the publication below.

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