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At Cardinal, our culture embodies many different elements: it’s about improving as a team while having fun growing together both personally and professionally. Our team members are the heart and soul of our culture! We are so grateful for the efforts our team members put in daily to go the extra mile to help change the industry and challenge the status quo.

Today we’re celebrating Alex Behar and his dedicated years of service to the growth of our team over the last five years.

Learn more about Alex’s journey below!

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What is your role?

Assistant Portfolio Manager. My focus is on-site execution with financial analysis, day-to-day operations, reporting, budget creation, team development, and project management.


Describe your Cardinal Journey (roles you previously worked in before your current position)

I joined Cardinal/Capstone as a Community Manager of three assets located in San Diego, CA in January of 2019.

Next, I was promoted to Area Manager in San Diego for an additionally acquired asset in the same market.

Most recently, I was promoted to Assistant Portfolio Manager in March of 2022!


How did you decide to join the Cardinal team?

Having a previous interest and passion for real estate, I knew that my first step into the operational world of real estate would be the same as every other childhood dream…property management! I had recently graduated from a local college and had some conventional management experience while I was completing my degree.  I was fortunate enough to land an interview at a group of Class A assets that piqued my interest, which provided a smooth/easy transition into the student housing world.

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What’s the most significant lesson you’ve learned in your time at Cardinal?

One of my favorite quotes from Leila Hermozi is “Fear is a mile wide, and an inch deep. We perceive it as a massive ocean. Then we step into it, we realize it’s just a puddle.” My environment, staffing, responsibilities, and direction can change on a moment’s notice and the quicker I can adapt without allowing fear or assumptions dictate my willingness to push forward, the more supportive I become to those around me, as well as the more ability I have to achieve my goals with a clear direction.


What do you find most exciting about your job? Most challenging?

Being a part of the exponential growth of a white label (Capstone) operating in partnership with Cardinal Group has been an extremely exciting journey. From joining the portfolio with only a few properties to now over twenty-five in total, there have been many opportunities to learn different roles and responsibilities within the Asset management/Property Management realm.

That ‘tech-start up’ pedal-to-the-metal growth environment created lots of opportunity for both personal and professional growth. I appreciate more than anything the opportunity and encouragement from my team to overcome challenges of knowledge, business acumen, time management, and people management skills along the journey.

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If you could choose one word to describe your time at Cardinal, what would it be and why?

Transformative. It’s been five years since I began. Two title/responsibility changes, two kids in the last two years, and all the support/encouragement an employee can ask for can only provide a glimpse into the appreciation I feel for Capstone/Cardinal while I’ve begun to create a family and career.


Who has been influential in your life (professionally or personally), and how have they helped guide you?

I make it a point to remain open-minded with each person I interact with. I think there’s something in each person I meet that can be of value or application to my own experiences or vision for the future. A few things I try to not forget are:

  • Failure is a stepping stone to success – OWN IT! Don’t dwell on mistakes made, embrace them. Leverage the opportunity and you’ll find that it creates innovation and growth both in professional and personal experiences.
  • Work-life balance is essential – You matter too! Finding a healthy balance is always an on-going battle but if achieved can lead to greater overall satisfaction and impact in personal and professional life.
  • Continuous learning is key to growth – Staying curious has helped me advance my professional development, enhance relationships, and prepare for a career in a constantly adapting environment.

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What’s something people may not know about you?  

Well, I think everyone knows I’m a horrible dancer/singer, but I LOVE snowboarding and spending time with my family! Biggest surprise is probably that I can almost fully understand Hebrew.


What is your proudest moment working at Cardinal Group?

I’d say that hiring/training/supporting colleagues along their journey and seeing the monumental achievements that are made as well as the meaningful impact it has on their lives is extremely rewarding.

TURN STORY (of course), two days before move-in walking into a four floor bathroom/kitchen flood and working day and night to cut drywall, dry out, and coordinate vendor repairs and cleaning before move-in without any delays was pretty incredible.

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What is your biggest motivator?


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What has been the most interesting change you’ve seen in the industry, and why?

Technology for sure. We’re fortunate enough to be experiencing just the beginning of an era where we can utilize tools, apps, and AI to maximize our output and increase revenue for owners on a significantly more impactful level than ever before.


What is your favorite college town in America, and why?

To be honest there’s so many amazing vibes around the country but as long as they have amazing food, good weather (I’m spoiled with my experience in San Diego), and an adult arcade, that’s my kind of place!

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